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Orlando Tattoo Artist Junior Torres

Junior Torres

Tattoo Artist & Body Piercer

“A tattoo artist has the power of decorating the body and enhancing the soul.”

Junior was introduced to tattooing in 1988 and has been succeeding in the industry ever since. From the first moment, he immediately obtained a true passion for body art and realized the pleasure in the business. He was amazed by the trust of clients to permanently modify their bodies and the responsibility that came with. For Junior, it is a real honor to do such a performance with each person that chooses him as their artist. Initially, he learned the skills behind tattooing on his own, but he gained expertise from observing well-known artists. He monitored how they were operating through their techniques and equipment. Eventually, Junior found his own approach and routine to the art. Instead of focusing on a specific style, he targets more on what clients want and bringing their ideas together.

He has been a loyal friend to the owners of Good Vibrations Ink and has worked with us for over 20 years.