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Orlando Tattoo Artist Elise ‘LiLi’ Allen

Elise ‘LiLi’ Allen

Tattoo Artist

“My goal is to establish my full creative mind to share with the world what I can do best.”

Elise Allen began her tattoo career in Atlanta, Georgia several years ago. Having her family’s love and support motivated her to consistently improve. Succeeding in her craft, LiLi was given an opportunity to move to Florida, working in a professional environment. This decision allowed her to further grow as an artist. She has developed her own neo-traditional style through the teachings of classic tattooing methods and art. Even though neo-traditional is LiLi’s specialty, her expertise expands to many styles.

She is a happy and humble individual, always broadening her imagination for ink. Besides tattooing, she loves to draw, paint, watch anime and horror movies. Most of all, she enjoys being a mother and a wife. Her family supports a deep passion for her career. LiLi says living in a free and loving way, will open her mind to the endless amounts of creativity within herself and maintain a positive energy. She strives to always learn all she can as an artist every day. Art is LiLi’s life and she wouldn’t change it for the world.